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Welcome! You asked for it, so here it is: The first little Beauty and the Beast "audiofic" site! These few stories are only the beginning, but with your help, we hope to fill this chamber up with more goodies read aloud.

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We welcome anyone who wants to lend their voice to our project! All you'll need is a microphone and a recording software. We recommend Audacity, which is free and easy to use: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/download/ For more details on how to record and submit your entries, please contact me at vickychandler87@yahoo.com

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Just as with written fanfic, we would never produce nor post anything without the consent of the author. So if you're an author and would like to see your work in audio format, please drop me a line at vickychandler87@yahoo.com Thank you!

With all my heart

by Nancy
Read by Vicky
Vignette inspired by the "Petals in the park" Chan artwork prompt for the April 12, 2013 celebration.
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